House Appropriations Article II, Department of State Health Services

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The House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Article II, met to consider HB 1 (Bonnen) General Appropriations Bill; Article II - Health and Human Services, Health and Human Services Commission, Office of Inspector General, Texas Civil Commitment Office, Department of Family and Protective Services, Department of State Health Services, Special Provisions Relating to All Health and Human Services Agencies. This report addresses only DSHS Committee Members Chair Rep. Jetton, Jacey Vice Chair Rep. Rose, Toni   Rep. Gates, Gary   Rep. Howard, Donna   Rep. Orr, Angelia   Rep. Stucky, Lynn   Rep. Wu, Gene Department of State Health Services Legislative Budget Board Presentation Selected Fiscal and Policy Issues 1. Texas Center for Infectious Disease. Recommendations for 2024-25 include $29.2 million in General Revenue/General Revenue – Dedicated Funds ($29.9 million in All

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