Appropriations Subcommittee on Article II: Health and Human Services Public Testimony

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This is the report of the first section of public testimony, House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee for Article II. Committee Members Chair Rep. Jetton, Jacey Vice Chair Rep. Rose, Toni   Rep. Gates, Gary   Rep. Howard, Donna   Rep. Orr, Angelia   Rep. Stucky, Lynn   Rep. Wu, Gene Follow the link to see the list of people testifying. Every effort was made to spell the names correctly. Witness List Display ( This Report covers the first 6 hours of public testimony. The last five hours will be provided separately. Hope Osborn, Texas 2036 testified on the need for a new data system for the DFPS that does not meet the basic needs of the workers. The new system would be interoperative with other state agencies. The federal government will match any state funding. The state funds request is for $80 million. A modular approach was suggested. Home - Texas 2036 - In 2036, Texa

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