HB 1 Conference Committee: Organizational Meeting

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House and Senate Conferees met in an organizational meeting on HB 1, General Appropriations Act. House Members: Zerwas (Chair) | Bonnen, Greg | Davis, Sarah | Longoria | Walle Senate Members: Nelson (Chair) | Huffman | Kolkhorst | Nichols | Taylor The LBB presented an overview of both the House and Senate Bills. The summary of All Funds and General Revenue appears below. The GR and Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) Spending for HB 1 and SB 500 (supplemental appropriation) are presented below. Both bills fall within the constitutional spending limits. Calculation of constitutional limits include appropriations contained in each chambers’ versions of both House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 500, as well as cost adjustments identified by the Comptroller’s office as part of the pay-as-you-go limit certification process. GENERAL REVENUE IN HB 1 –HOUSE AND SENATE ALL FUNDS IN HB 1 –HOUSE AND SENATE HB 1 and SB 500 – Major Items. Foundation School

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