HHSC: Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force

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In January 2020 Governor Greg Abbott appointed Mary Albin, Dany Anchia, Bruce Brockway, M.D., Roberto Collazo, M.D., Amie Duemer, A. Osama Gaber, M.D., Richard Gibney, M.D., Anne Ishmael, Nichole Jefferson, Tiffany Jones-Smith, Rita Littlefield, Anil T. Mangla, Ph.D., M. Reza “Hamed” Mizani, M.D., Navid Saigal, M.D., Leslie Weisberg, M.D., and Francis Wright, M.D. to the Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force for terms at the pleasure of the Governor. The task force coordinates the implementation of the state’s plan for prevention, early screening, diagnosis, and management of chronic kidney disease and educates health care professionals. Not all members are included above. Call to order. The Chair called the Task Force to order Member roll call. A Quorum was present Consideration of March 1, 2021, minutes for approval. The minutes were approved as written Legislative update – 87th Legislative Session HB4015 (Did not Pass) HB4015, Committee Report 1st House, Substitu

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