HHSC: Chronic Kidney Disease Task Force (CKDTF) Agenda

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1. Call to order, announcements and opening remarks. The meeting was convened by the Chair and a quorum was established. 2. Adoption of the July 29, 2020, meeting minutes. The minutes were approved as written. 3. Subcommittee workgroup reporting and collaboration: Updates from Task Force subcommittees SUBCOMMITTEE A - Education & Prevention Danny Anchia 1. Early Education & Early Detection/screenings ◦ Data-driven and evidence-based ◦ Use sound methodology to track data and track progress Engage community for education and access to health screenings Involve faith-based organizations to help with awareness and spread of educational materials Partnerships with public and private entities such as TKF, SPKF, NKF, ANNA, TMF DSHS Community Health Workers (CHW) program (https://www.dshs.texas.gov/chw.aspx ) CHW Advisory Committee to develop CKD outreach plan Partner with hospital systems, state agencies, and other organizations to promo

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