HHSC Executive Council

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1. Welcome and Opening Remarks Call to order—The meeting was called to order by the Executive Commissioner Young Roll call. A quorum was established Explanation of proceedings using Microsoft Teams live event—Ms. Marks explained the technology and event. Executive Commissioner’s welcome and remarks. The Executive Commissioner stated that employees are transitioning back to their workstations. The new north Austin complex is open. Almost all exceptional items received almost full or partial funding. The team is submitting a request for extension of the 1115 waiver. Chief Officers’ remarks. No remarks made. Department of State Health Services Commissioner’s remarks. The Commissioner commented on COVID. We are in a different phase of the pandemic compared to march. There has been a decrease in the amount of COVID disease in Texas: 2,538,908 incidents of COVID 19 and 51,092 fatalities. The Commissioner commented on activities they have engaged in including: cont

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