HHSC: Hospital Payment Advisory Committee

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The Hospital Payment Advisory Committee (HPAC), a subcommittee of the Medical Care Advisory Committee, advises MCAC and HHS about hospital reimbursement methodologies for inpatient hospital prospective payment and on adjustments for disproportionate share hospitals. Members appear below. Welcome, introductions, and opening remarks. The meeting was convened by Diana Strupp, HPAC Chair. A quorum was established. Approval of February 6, 2020 minutes. The minutes were approved as written. Behavioral Health Hospitals update. Victoria Grady made the presentation. She stated they are going to be reaching out to mental health hospitals for behavioral health data to implement a UPL demonstration. The analysis has to be conducted for potential rate increases. They will be looking at the rate calculations and methodology as well. Medicaid Fiscal Accountability Regulation. The Chair stated that CMS published this in November of 2019. Trey Wood made the presentation. MFAR was releas

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