HHSC: Texas Autism Council

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The Texas Autism Council advises and makes recommendations to state agencies and the state Legislature to ensure that the needs of persons of all ages with autism and other pervasive developmental disorders and their families are addressed and that all available resources are coordinated to meet those needs. Members include:   Call to order, welcome and opening remarks. The meeting was convened by Acting Chair, John Roppolo. Adoption of the July 27, 2020, meeting minutes. The minutes were approved as written. Update on implementation of the Medicaid Autism Services benefit, Dr. Van Ramshorst. Rider 32 directed IBI Services including ABA in home and clinical settings, employing health professionals, family members, and others. Appropriated funds may be used for the benefit, but no additional funding was provided. Accomplished so far: Medical benefit policy has been developed using public input Draft medical policy has been posted and 68 comments were su

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