HHSC: Texas Medical Disclosure Panel

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The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel determines which risks and hazards related to medical care and surgical procedures must be disclosed by health care providers or physicians to their patients or persons authorized to consent for their patients, and establishes the general form and substance of such disclosure. Dr. Noah Appel, M.D. (Chair) Physician (Dallas) Ms. Nneka Egbuniwe, J.D. Lawyer (Plano) Ms. Joanne Hopkins, J.D. (Vice-Chair) Lawyer (Austin) Mr. Wilbert Hughes, J.D. Lawyer (Harlingen) Dr. Jennifer Mushtaler, M.D. Physician (Austin) Dr. William C. Pederson, M.D. Physician (Houston) Dr. Jeremie Perry, M.D. Physician (Abilene) Laws and Rules