HHSC: The Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council

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The Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council addresses strategic planning, policy, rules and services related to the prevention of brain injury, rehabilitation and the provision of long-term services and supports for persons who have survived brain injuries to improve their quality of life and ability to function independently in the home and community. The Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council has replaced the Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council. Members are presented below.   Welcome. The meeting was convened by the Chair, Jane Boutte. Dr. Courtney N. Phillips, Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner, delivered a welcome statement. She stated She stated that we have to do a better job of coordinating our efforts. To that end, the HHS Blueprint for a Healthy Texas has been released with 12 initiatives and 72 goals. The Chair asked, if they want to provide feedback on the business plan, how do we do that? The Executive Commissioner replied that communiques can b

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