HHSC: Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee

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Meeting Summary. The Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee gathered for their quarterly meeting. [The Committee] provides a forum to promote public-private, multi-stakeholder collaboration in support of quality improvement and value-based payment initiatives for Medicaid, other publicly funded health services and the wider health care system. It was established in accordance with Texas Government Code §531.012. The Quality Committee studies and makes recommendations regarding: Value-based payment and quality improvement initiatives to promote better care, better outcomes and lower costs for publicly funded health care services. Core metrics and a data analytics framework to support value-based purchasing and quality improvement in Medicaid/CHIP. HHSC and managed care organization incentive and disincentive programs based on value. The strategic direction for Medicaid/CHIP value-based programs. The Quality Committee also pursues other d

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