HHSC: House Appropriations Riders Approved by the Article II Subcommittee

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Yesterday, the Art. II Subcommittee considered 174 riders totaling nearly $5 billion in funding requests.  Many riders were eliminated from consideration because of a violation of rules related to local entities.  Only a few riders were not adopted, and many riders were referred to Article 11.  In the past, Article 11 was a death sentence for the proposal, but in this case, the Chair seemed to be using Article 11 as a holding place for future consideration. Every effort was made to ensure accuracy, but the rapid pace of the committee and the difficulty in hearing deliberations may have impacted the report for a very few items.  This report addresses only the Health and Human Services Commission, which were the majority of the decisions. Rider Item Decision 36. HHSC Add $0.25M Julia C. Hester House Wellness Center   Not Adopted 37. HHSC Add $0.4M Match for Private Sector Investment in Incentives for Attendance and Parent Engagement   Article 11

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