House Appropriations Committee: Medicaid and Behavioral Health

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The House Appropriations Committee will meet to hear invited testimony on the following: Overview of the Texas Medicaid Program Behavioral and Mental Health Family and Protective Services Transportation, Water, and Flood Mitigation This report covers Medicaid and Behavioral and Mental Health. Legislative Budget Board. Medicaid is a jointly funded State-Federal program providing health coverage and services to low-income children and their families, pregnant women, seniors, and people with disabilities. As a requirement of participation, states must cover certain groups and have the option to cover additional groups. There are two service delivery models for Medicaid: Fee-for-Service (3.0 percent of clients) – payments are made directly to hospitals, providers, physicians, pharmacists, and other medical practitioners for services rendered. Medicaid Managed Care (97.0 percent of clients) – a health care delivery system where the state Medicaid agen

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