House Committee on Human Services

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The Committee on Health and Human Services met to consider the following bills. SB 355  West | et al., Relating to developing a strategic plan to ensure that the provision of prevention and early intervention services complies with federal law. SB 1535  Menéndez, relating to a complaint made by a foster child or youth. SB 1564  West, Relating to access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder under Medicaid. SB 2040 Rodríguez, Relating to a report regarding Medicaid reimbursement rates and access to care. PENDING BUSINESS. SB781 by Kolkhorst, relating to the regulation of child-care facilities, reported without amendment on May 7th. SB821 by Nelson, relating to the regulation of child-care facilities. Reported without amendment. SB1780 by Paxton, relating to value-based arrangements in the Medicaid vendor drug program. Reported without amendment. The vote was reconsidered, and the bill was sent to local and consent. NEW BUSINESS. SB 355 W

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