House Committee on Public Health

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The Chair stated that her intent is to hold bills at least a week before passing to the full house. The Committee on Public Health met to consider the following: HB 316 - Buckley Relating to the advertising and labeling of certain meat food products. HB 723 - Patterson | et al. Relating to notice of a modification to the medical certification information on a death certificate. HB 928 - Sherman, Sr. Relating to the marketing and sale of catfish and similar fish by food service establishments; providing administrative and civil penalties. HB 1011 - Turner, John Relating to expedited death certificates for religious purposes in certain counties. HB 1164 - Oliverson | et al. Relating to the designation of centers of excellence for the management and treatment of placenta accreta spectrum disorder. HB 1363 - Minjarez Relating to treatment of a patient by a physical therapist without a referral. HB 1386 - Harris | et al. Relating to birth records of adopted pe

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