House Select Committee on Opioids and Substance Abuse

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Meeting Summary. The Select Committee met to consider testimony on the following interim charge: Monitor and evaluate the implementation of legislation passed by the 85th Legislature regarding the Prescription Monitoring Program. In addition, review the prescribing of addictive drugs by physicians and other health care providers within various geographic regions of this state. Determine the role of health care professionals in preventing overutilization and diversion of addictive prescriptions. Provide recommendations that will improve efforts to prevent overutilization and diversion of addictive prescriptions. Invited Testimony Only Texas State Board of Pharmacy—Allison Benz, Executive Director Texas Medical Board—Brint Carlton, Executive Director; Scott Freshour, General Counsel US Health and Human Services – David Teuscher, MD, Regional Director Unable to attend Texas Society of Anesthesiologists—Dr. Carlos Nichols “Nick” Lee, MD Texas Medical As

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