Long-term Care Facilities Council

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Long-term Care Facilities Council shall study and make recommendations regarding a more consistent survey and informal dispute resolution process for long-term care facilities, the Medicaid quality-based payment systems for these facilities, and the allocation of Medicaid beds in these facilities. Members include (Not all members were included on the HHSC website): Ryan Harrington, Chairperson Assisted Living Services Provider Category Fort WorthAllison Levee State Agency Responsible for Informal Dispute Resolution Category Austin Vacant For-profit and Non-profit Nursing Facility Provider Category Corey Kintzer Survey Enforcement within The State Survey and Certification Agency Category Austin Dr. Liam Fry Physician with Expertise in Infectious Disease or Public Health Category Austin Brooke Ellison Expert in Medicaid Quality-based Payment Systems for Long-term Care Facilities Category Austin Dr. Michelle Dionne-Vahalik Survey and Certification Agency C

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