Long-term Care Facilities Council

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Long-term Care Facilities Council shall study and make recommendations regarding a more consistent survey and informal dispute resolution process for long-term care facilities, the Medicaid quality-based payment systems for these facilities, and the allocation of Medicaid beds in these facilities. 1, Welcome and opening remarks The meeting was convened by Ryan Harrington. 2. Consideration of June 16, 2021, meeting minutes The minutes were approved as written. 3. Draw terms for public members. Public member terms were assigned based on a drawing. 4. Report from subcommittees Licensing—Allow permanent online training for nurse’s aids and HHSC is entertaining online training for certified medication aid. Removal of requirements of medical records certification and HHSC has agreed. They looked at administrators licensing and eliminating administrative burdens. Barriers to certified nurse training programs. Wireless alarm systems and fire alarms. They are presently allow

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