Medical Advisory Board

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Pursuant to Health and Safety Code, Title 2, Sec. 12.095, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of the State of Texas may request an opinion or recommendation from the medical advisory board on the ability of an applicant or license holder to operate a motor vehicle safely or to exercise sound judgment on the proper use and storage of a handgun. If DPS makes a request, the commissioner or a person designated by the commissioner will convene a panel to consider the case or question submitted. Each panel member prepares an independent written report for DPS. The member provides an opinion on the applicant or license holder’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle or their use sound judgment in the proper use and storage of a handgun as appropriate. The panel member's report may also make recommendations relating to DPS's next action. As the driver licensing agency for Texas, DPS is solely responsible for all actions taken or initiated. Neither the Medical Advisory Board nor t

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