Nursing Facility Payment Methodology Advisory Committee

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Nursing Facility Payment Methodology Advisory Committee studies and makes recommendations on the development of a nursing facility reimbursement methodology that incentivizes quality care for people served in a nursing facility, and is cost-effective, streamlined and transparent. Members include: Alyse Meyer Amanda Fredriksen Kelly Roberts Kevin Warren Donovan Dekowski Paula Brown Eddie Parades Rachel Bailey Rachel Poe Robert Kalin Janet Johnston Randall Martin Sherri Harris Billy Millwee Maryann Choi Victoria Grady 1. Welcome and opening remarks. The meeting was convened by the Chair, Eddie Parades. A quorum was present. Case mix will be discussed at the next meeting. 2. Consideration of December 14, 2021, draft meeting minutes. The minutes were approved as drafted. 3.Direct care staffing enhancement considerations. This involved the incentive for staffing. The intent is not being realized. There has b

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