Perinatal Advisory Council

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Perinatal Advisory Council develops and recommends criteria for designating levels of neonatal and maternal care. The Perinatal Advisory Council, created by House Bill 15 of the 83rd Texas Legislature (Regular Session), developed and recommended criteria for designating levels of neonatal and maternal care, including specifying the minimum requirements to qualify for each level designation and a process for the assignment of levels of care to a hospital, and made recommendations for dividing the state into neonatal and maternal care regions. The Perinatal Advisory Council continues to examine utilization trends in neonatal and maternal care and recommends ways to improve neonatal and maternal outcomes. House Bill 3433 of the 84th Texas Legislature (Regular Session) amended House Bill 15 by adding two new members to PAC and extending the date of its report. The council submitted a report with its recommendations to the Health and Human Services Commission and the Department of St

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