Public Hearing in Senate Finance Committee for SB 8

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Chair Nelson stated that the Committee will only receive testimony on SB8 since SB2 is included in its entirety in SB8. The Chair laid out the Bill. SB 8 appropriates a total of $16.3 billion from ARPA -- $15.8 billion from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund and another $500.5 million from the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, including: $7.2 billion to replenish the Unemployment Compensation Fund, ensuring that businesses are not faced with an increase in unemployment taxes due to pandemic-related layoffs; $3 billion to deploy hospital surge staffing, purchase therapeutic drugs, and support regional infusion centers; $3.7 billion to cover salaries and benefits for state employees directly working on pandemic response; $500.5 million for broadband expansion, with $75 million of those funds designated for a broadband pole replacement program (out of the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund); $500 million for construction projects at institutions of higher e

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