Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

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This report consists of 2 parts. The first section is data provided as of May 4th and the second section is data provided as of May 8th. This report will be updated on a regular basis going forward.   The data provided below is presented as of May 4th 2023; 5:00 pm March 8th, 2023 The committee considered organizational issues, adoption of the rules, and the following business: SB 241         Perry     Engrossed Bill sent to House Public Health; Reported Favorably without amendment; Companion: HB 2529 by Talarico, Identical Relating to written notification provided by drug manufacturers regarding the cause of generic insulin prescription drug unavailability. Texas has a compelling interest in protecting the health of its residents. Nearly 3 million people in Texas have diabetes. The price of insulin has increased significantly over the last several decades and there is still no biosimilar or generic version. Despite

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