Statewide Interagency Aging Services Coordination Council (SIASCC)

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The purpose of the Council is to ensure a strategic statewide approach to interagency aging services. SIASCC is charged to develop and submit: the Statewide Interagency Aging Services Strategic Plan; a biennial coordinated statewide interagency aging services expenditure proposal; and an annual updated inventory of state-funded interagency aging programs and services. Welcome, opening remarks, and roll call. The Chair, Chelsea Couch convened the inaugural meeting of the Council. A quorum was present.  Dr. Haley Turner, Deputy Executive Commissioner, made some opening remarks. SIASCC member introductions. (Spelling of names may be incorrect). Links have been researched for members and were found for all but two. Every effort was made to link the appropriate link to the member. Christopher Adkins, HHSC, (35) Chris Adkins | LinkedIn) Jacqueline Angel, UT, Austin, Jacqueline L. Angel | LBJ School of Public Affairs ( Matt Berend, Texas Workforce C

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