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DSHS: Public Health Funding and Policy Committee

The Public Health Funding and Policy Committee (PHFPC) is charged with identification of core public health services. PHFPC has approached this charge in different ways that have sought to characterize how the Texas Public Health System – a system based on Home Rule, local ordinance and code, state, and regional organization – might develop a standardized set of agreed-upon core services.
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86th Texas Legislature Health and Human Services: End of Session Report

INTRODUCTION. This report is provided to address many of the key issues identified during the 86th Legislative Session. Section 1 of the report summarizes appropriation issues at a very high level. Only items addressed in HB1 are included. Items requested, but not funded are not included. The summary is organized by topic area. Additionally, there is a specific section where appropriation issues identified by the Department of Family and Protective Services and the Department of State Health Services are summarized. Section 2 of the report addresses both rider summaries and summaries of substantive legislation by subject area. Riders that appear in one area are not repeated in another area. Similarly, substantive legislation is only referenced and summarized once, although they may address several substantive areas.
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