Texas Council on Consumer Direction

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Texas Council on Consumer Direction advises on the development, implementation, expansion, and delivery of services through consumer direction, in all programs offering long-term services and supports that enhance a consumer's ability to have freedom and exercise control and authority over the consumer's choices, regardless of age or disability. Consumer Directed Services (CDS) | Texas Health and Human Services. Members (The list of members appears to be out of date) Mika Bradford, Chair Consumer Advocate Keller, TX Helen Baker, Vice Chair Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA) Representative San Antonio, TX Ellen Bauman Advocate for persons with disabilities Joshua, TX Heidi Davis FMSA Representative Richardson, TX Len Davis FMSA Representative Aubrey, TX Roger De Leon Managed Care Organization (MCO) Representative, STAR+PLUS Pflugerville, TX Lucinda Harman Advocate for elderly persons Temple, TX Stephanie Martinez Service Represe

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