Texas House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations: Selected Presentations and Discussion, February 22 & 23, 2021

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The House Appropriations Committee met February 22nd to hear testimony on several budget-related matters. The presentations that are presented here include: 2022-2023 Biennial Revenue Estimate Economic Stabilization Fund Spending Limits House Budget Recommendations The House Appropriations Committee met February 23rd to continue hearing information on budget matters. The presentations covered by this report include: Health and Human Services Behavioral health The Chair stated that last week subcommittees were named and appear below. Please follow the link for membership and other information about the subcommittees. Appropriations - S/C on Article II Appropriations - S/C on Article III Appropriations - S/C on Articles I, IV & V Appropriations - S/C on Articles VI, VII & VIII Appropriations. - S/C on Strategic Fiscal Rev. & Fed. Relief Funds Sec. 2. APPROPRIATIONS. (a) The committee shall have 27 members, with jurisdiction o

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