Rural Hospital Advisory Committee

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The Rural Hospital Advisory Committee (RHAC) is a newly-formed subcommittee of HPAC mandated by Senate Bill 1621, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, 2019, to advise HHSC of issues relating specifically to rural hospitals. Rebecca McCain, MHA (RHAC Chair) Electra Hospital District Electra Frank L. Beaman (RHAC member) Faith Community Health System Jacksboro Nathan Flood (RHAC member) Castro County Hospital District Dimmitt John Henderson (RHAC member) Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) Round RockJerry Pickett (RHAC member) Bosque County District Hospital Clifton 1. Welcome, introductions, and opening remarks. The meeting was convened by Rebecca McCain, Chair. 2. Directed payment programs update. Comprehensive Hospital Increase Reimbursement Program The Comprehensive Hospital Increase Reimbursement Program (CHIRP) replaced the Uniform Hospital Rate Increase Program beginning September 1, 2021. CHIRP provides increas

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