House Committee on Public Health

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The Committee on Public Health met on March 20th to consider pending business and the following: HB 44          HB 81          HB 1106                                                    . HB 1313  HB 1890        HB 1998        HB 2726        HB 2767        Committee Members Chair Rep. Klick, Stephanie Vice Chair Rep. Campos, Liz   Rep. Collier, Nicole   Rep. Jetton, Jacey   Rep. Johnson, Ann   Rep. Jones, Jolanda   Rep. Jones, Venton   Rep. Oliverson, Tom   Rep. Price, Four   Rep. Smith, Reggie   Rep. Tinderholt, Tony Pending Business Bills reported favorably with a recommendation for passage: HB181 HB248 HB362 HB861 HB1805 complete Committee Substitute (changes the low THC def

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