Senate Committee on Health & Human Services

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The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services met to consider the following. SB25 SB26 SB52 SB177 SB265 SB299 SB301 SB403 SB426 SB1024 SB1583 All bills were left pending public comment. The following actions were taken on selected bills: Committee Substitute SB 182 Favorably Reported; Local and Uncontested SB25 Favorably Reported Committee Substitute SB944 Favorably Reported; Local and Uncontested As a note: Senate decorum completely fell apart frequently during the hearing with free form testimony being allowed throughout the hearing and in some cases comments from Senate colleagues being cut off. New Business SB 25 Kolkhorst | et al. Relating to support for nursing-related postsecondary education, including scholarships to nursing students, loan repayment assistance to nurses and nursing faculty, and grants to nursing education programs. 88(R) SB 25 - Introduced version ( Background. Texas is facing

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