Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

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This summary contains supplemental information from reliable sources where that information provides clarity to the issues being discussed. Power Point tables used in the presentations may also be used in this summary. Names of individuals may be misspelled but every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy. Tables and Text have been used from executive and legislative agencies and departments’ presentations and publications. The committee met to consider the following bills: Pending Business Bill Action SB26 Committee Substitute reported favorably SB52 Committee Substitute reported favorably SB426 reported favorably (clarifying amendment will be made on the floor) SB576 Committee Substitute reported favorably, local and uncontested SB614 Committee Substitute reported favorably, local and uncontested SB1583 Committee Substitute reported favorably Bills with fiscal notes of over $100,000 are being held in Committee Witness list is available by fol

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