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HHSC: Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee

The Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee provides a forum to promote public-private, multi-stakeholder collaboration in support of quality improvement and value-based payment initiatives for Medicaid, other publicly funded health…
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HHSC: Nursing Facility Payment Methodology Advisory Committee (NF-PMAC)

The Nursing Facility Payment Methodology Advisory Committee (NF-PMAC) is established by Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code (1 TAC) §351.839. The committee:

  • Advises HHSC on the establishment and implementation of recommended improvements to the nursing facility (NF) reimbursement methodology and other NF payment topics.
  • Studies and makes recommendations on the development of an NF reimbursement methodology that incentivizes quality care for people served in an NF, and is cost-effective, streamlined and transparent.
  • Performs other tasks as requested by the executive commissioner.
The executive commissioner appointed members to the committee to serve a term expiring Aug. 31, 2022.
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HHSC: Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council

The Palliative Care Interdisciplinary Advisory Council consults with and advises on matters related to the establishment, maintenance, operation and outcome evaluation of the statewide palliative care consumer and professional information and…
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HHSC: Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee

Texas Gov. Rick Perry issued an executive order creating the Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee and Action Plan. The order, which was issued in April 2005, formalizes the Aging Texas Well Initiative…
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HHSC: Early Childhood Intervention Advisory Committee

The Early Childhood Intervention Advisory Committee advises the HHSC Division for Early Childhood Intervention Services on development and implementation of policies that constitute the statewide ECI system. The Early Childhood Intervention…
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