HHSC – 88th Legislature Rider Comparison Report

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Below is a comparison document (Senate/House) of the riders in the HHSC bill pattern. Certain across the board changes were made including, spelling out “section”, changing “Governor” to “Office of the Governor”, updates to dates were made to accommodate the upcoming biennium, and others. Amounts in the riders are changed to accommodate budget recommendations. Many riders were deleted because the purpose of the rider has been accomplished (reports directed and completed, etc). Rider Senate House 1. Performance Measure Targets. This rider is updated based on appropriation levels and will change. Due to the size, this is not reported here. Included in SB1. Included in HB1. 2. Capital Budget. None of the funds appropriated above may be expended for capital budget items except as listed below. The amounts shown below shall be expended only for the purposes shown and are not available for expenditure for other purposes. Amounts appropriated above and ident

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