HHSC: 88th Legislature Appropriation Side by Side House/Senate

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The House and Senate have introduced each house’s version of the appropriations bill for the 88th Legislative Session. The appropriation numbers for both bills are identical for the Health and Human Services Commission. These tables will be adjusted as each house amends the bills. MAJOR FISCAL AND POLICY ISSUES AFFECTING ARTICLE II. All Funds recommendations for the Health and Human Services agencies total $97.4 billion, a decrease of $11.6 billion from the 2022–23 biennium. General Revenue Funds and General Revenue–Dedicated Funds total $41.5 billion, an increase of $3.5 billion from the 2022–23 biennium. Appropriations for Health and Human Services encompass many different programs, but the biennial All Funds decrease primarily results from the following areas: a decrease of $8.2 billion in All Funds associated with Medicaid, which is partially off set by a $1.0 billion increase for Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) client services, primarily due to shifts

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