HHSC: Blueprint for a Healthy Texas – Press Conference

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The Blueprint for a Healthy Texas was presented in a public meeting. The plan identifies key areas of focus that will guide agencies’ work throughout this fiscal year. It provides a transparent framework for how Texas Health and Human Services will move forward and improve services to Texans. The 12 key initiatives target areas ranging from health care, to benefits accessibility, to health and safety, and are individually tied to commitments of efficiency, effectiveness, and process improvement. Each initiative within the Blueprint for a Healthy Texas defines goals, outlines strategic actions, and identifies deliverables that the agency will achieve in Fiscal Year 2020. The Blueprint for a Healthy Texas is more than a framework that prioritizes and guides HHS' work in the coming fiscal year. Beyond outlining key priorities and initiatives, it sets forth strategies for how HHS agencies and divisions will accomplish the initiatives' respective goals. The plan also identifies the

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