HHSC: State Preventive Health Advisory Committee

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The State Preventive Health Advisory Committee works with HHS to develop and implement the state plan for the Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant. 1. Welcome, Roll Call, Introductions and Opening Remarks. The Committee was convened by April Brantley, DSHS, and a quorum was established. 2. Review and approve the June 30, 2020 and July 07, 2020 Meeting Minutes. The minutes were approved as written for both meetings. 3. Discussion of By-Laws. Ms. Brantley had sent out the bylaws to members and they followed the format from previous bylaws tempered by the effort for HHSC to standardize the bylaws. The final by-laws draft will be presented at the next meeting. They provide: Legal basis of the committee Guidance for the preventive service block grant Composition of the committee with staggered terms Presiding Chair and Vice Chair The Executive Commissioner serves as the Chair Subject to the Open Meetings Act Adoption and revision to bylaws and t

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