House Committee on Appropriations: Article II Subcommittee – Part II

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Meeting Summary. The subcommittee took up Interim Charge 10: Examine the Early Childhood Intervention Program (ECI) in Texas, including a review of historical funding levels, programmatic changes, challenges providers face within the program, and utilization trends. Evaluate ECI's impact on reducing the long-term costs of public education and health care. Identify solutions to strengthen the program. Testifying:The Chair commented that luckily a quorum was not required; and commented that they want to look at complaints at HHSC and how they are managed in order to ensure quality services. Legislative Budget Board: Mike Diehl and Ben Cross Health and Human Services Commission: Charles Smith, Lindsay Rogers, Trey Wood Texas Pediatric Society: Patricia K. Deforest, DO, MED MHMR of Tarrant County: Laura Kender Bay Area Rehab Center: Chasey Reed-Boston West Texas Centers for MHMR: Christie Shaw. Legislative Budget Board, Mike Diehl and Ben Cross As background,

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