House Committee on Appropriations: Article II Subcommittee – Part I

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The subcommittee took up specific aspects of Interim Charge 4, including: When reviewing the Health and Human Services Commission’s (HHSC) managed care contracts, determine if HHSC has adequate data, staff, and processes to provide appropriately rigorous contract oversight, including but not limited to the use of outcome metrics. Consider whether HHSC properly enforces contractual sanctions when managed care organizations (MCOs) are out of compliance, as well as how HHSC uses Medicaid participants' complaints regarding access to care to improve quality. The Chair commented that luckily a quorum was not required and commented that they want to look at complaints at HHSC and how they are managed in order to ensure quality services. Testifying: Legislative Budget Board: Mike Diehl and Ben Cross Health and Human Services Commission: Charles Smith and Stephanie Muth Texas Association of Health Plans: Jamie Dudensing Legislative Budget Board, Mike Diehl and B

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