House Committee on Public Health

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The Committee on Public Health met to consider the following: HB49, HB112, HB173, HB233, HB576, and HB624. Typically bills are held in committee for at least one week. For a list of witnesses, please follow the link. Witness List Display ( HB 49  Klick. Relating to public access to certain hospital investigation information and materials. 88(R) HB 49 - Introduced version ( Background.  The intent of the Bill is to increase transparency to allow patients to make informed decisions about their health care.  Last session this Bill passed out of the House and then a Senate committee.  All stakeholders have signed off on this legislation. Currently, HHSC posts one year of enforcement actions on its website at for general and special hospitals. The publicly available listing includes hospital name, city, license number, violations by Texas Administrative Code numbers, penalty amounts and dates. The listing does not include narrative or details a

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