Starving the Beast in Texas: Part IV

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The Trump Administration has expressed its intention to tackle what they refer to as “welfare reform”. The administration seems to be including entitlements in this effort, which have not historically been included in programs referred to as “welfare”. Entitlements include Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, while “welfare” refers to forms of cash assistance and food stamps. President Trump has, in the past, vowed not to reduce Social Security or Medicare. Nonetheless, the GOP has long sought to reduce the safety net – a patchwork of funding for health and social services for indigent, elderly and the disabled populations. This posting examines Social Security benefits in Texas. Overview Texas is a high-poverty, low-public benefit state. The state continually ranks at the bottom of fifty state analyses of education spending, healthcare spending, health insurance coverage, and general public assistance availability. Any reductions to safety net or entitl

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