State Medicaid MCAC – Clinical Oversight and Administrative Simplification Subcommittee

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Call to order, roll call, and introductions. The meeting was convened by Jane Concha, Acting Chair stated that this was the 14th meeting of the subcommittee. A quorum was established. Reimbursement rates for hearing aids and devices for children with hearing impairment. There are no Audiologists in El Paso contracted with Medicaid to fit hearing aids on children diagnosed with hearing loss, even though this service is medically and educationally necessary and essential for safety. When they find a provider, there is frequently no audiologist who is available that takes Medicaid. Causes: Current Medicaid reimbursement rates do not cover the cost to fit hearing aids Audiologists were not getting reimbursed for their services and consequently opted to not contract with Medicaid for hearing aid services Medicaid reimburses Audiologists for hearing aid(s) at invoice cost; however, the invoice must be submitted by mail which typically delays payment by 8 to 12 month

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