State Medicaid MCAC – Network Adequacy and Access to Care Subcommittee

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Welcome, roll call, and introductions. The meeting was convened by the Aaron Head, Chair who stated that this was the 13th meeting of the subcommittee. A quorum was established. Certified nursing assistant (CNA) proposal and recommendation. Discussion Staff have brought an excellent document that incorporates the previous discussions and the work from other states. MOTION: Approve the draft recommendation language prevailed. The approved language will be presented at the full meeting tomorrow. Action items and future agenda topics Proposed Agenda Topic: A provider group wanted to terminate a product with an MCO and they were told that if they closed it with one MCO then they had to terminate it with all the other MCOs as well. There is a need to clarify this issue (panel closure) as they pertain to participation agreements. Conversation around Texas Health Steps network and if there are opportunities for this subcommittee to engage with. Furt

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