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HHSC: Nursing Facility Payment Methodology Advisory Committee

The Nursing Facility Payment Methodology Advisory Committee (NF-PMAC) is established by Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code (1 TAC) §351.839. The committee:

  • Advises HHSC on the establishment and implementation of recommended improvements to the nursing facility (NF) reimbursement methodology and other NF payment topics.
  • Studies and makes recommendations on the development of an NF reimbursement methodology that incentivizes quality care for people served in an NF, and is cost-effective, streamlined and transparent.
  • Performs other tasks as requested by the executive commissioner.

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HHSC Executive Council

Welcome and Opening Remarks; COVID-19 Update. Victoria Ford convened the meeting. She stated that last month, the Kerrville State Hospital started transforming two vacant buildings on its campus into a…
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HHSC: Medical Care Advisory Committee

The Medical Care Advisory Committee is a federally mandated committee that reviews and makes recommendations to the state Medicaid director on proposed rules that involve Medicaid policy or affect Medicaid-funded…
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HHSC: Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee

The Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee advises HHSC and makes recommendations to state leadership on implementation of the Aging Texas Well Initiative. Texas Gov. Rick Perry issued an executive order creating the Aging…
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HHSC: Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee

The Texas HIV Medication Advisory Committee advises in the development of procedures and guidelines for the Texas HIV Medication Program, reviews program's goals and aims, evaluates ongoing efforts, and recommends short-range and long-range goals and objectives. Texas began distributing HIV medications in late 1987 as temporary pilot program; the THMP was officially established in 1989 in Senate Bill 959. The statute that created the HIV Medication Advisory Committee is found in Texas Health & Safety Code, Chapter 85, Sections 85.044 and 85.271-85.282. Rules related to this Committee may be found in Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 98, Subchapter C, Division 2, Rule 98.121. Committee members are appointed by the Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services.
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