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Texas Department of Insurance: Proposed Rules Pursuant to SB 1264

Notice and Rule Proposal: The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) held a public hearing on October 23rd in response to the requirements under SB1264, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, (2019). TDI proposes to amend 28 TAC §§21.5001 – 21.5003, 21.5010 – 21.5013, and 21.5030; repeal §21.5020 and §21.5031, and adopt new §§21.5020 – 21.5023, 21.5040, and 21.5050, concerning out-of-network claim dispute resolution. The amendments and repeals implement Senate Bill 1264. Proposed rules for Senate Bill 1264 can be found by following the link.
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