Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council

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Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council addresses strategic planning, policy, rules and services related to the prevention of brain injury, rehabilitation and the provision of long term services and supports for persons who have survived brain injuries to improve their quality of life and ability to function independently in the home and community. Members: Whitney Bailey HHS Region 7 Heather Cook HHS Region 7 Patti Foster HHS Region 3 Donna Kunz HHS Region 6 James Moody HHS Region 10 Austin Morgan HHS Region 7 Dr. Benjamin Nguyen HHS Region 3 Maritza Padilla HHS Region 11 Jennifer Patterson HHS Region 7 Mikael Simpson HHS Region 6 Dr. Rachita Sharma HHS Region 3 Johnny Taylor HHS Region 3 Dr. John Thottakara HHS Region 3 Donna Tiemeyer HHS Region 8 Dr. George Wolf HHS Region 8 1. Welcome and roll call. The meeting was convened by Heather Cook. There were ten members present establishing a quorum. 2. Introduction of n

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