Texas Diabetes Council

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Texas Diabetes Council addresses issues affecting people with diabetes in Texas and advises the Texas Legislature on legislation that is needed to develop and maintain a statewide system of quality education services for all people with diabetes and health care professionals who offer diabetes treatment and education. 1. Welcome, logistical announcement, and roll call. The meeting was convened by the chair, Dr. Obomehinti. A quorum was present. 2. Consideration of January 13, 2022, draft meeting minutes. The minutes were approved as written. 3. National Center for Farmworker Call to Health Initiative. Discussion The speaker was invited because this is national minority health month, and this is a very valuable program. There are 7 agricultural tracks that people migrate through the country as needed for planting, harvest, and other agricultural services. This addresses the issues of health equity. What percentage of your constituents are Texans and then other stat

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