Texas House of Representatives Committee on Human Services: Community Based Care and the Family First Preservation Services Act; 1115 Demonstration Waiver

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The Interim Committee met in a public hearing to consider the following: The Committee will review the processes and policies established by the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) for receiving, investigating and adjudicating reports of child abuse, neglect and exploitation and oversight of those processes to ensure the highest quality outcome to the child. Specifically, the Committee also will review: a) the processes and policies by which DFPS investigates and substantiates allegations of abuse or neglect made by medical professionals and the processes and policies followed by medical professionals when abuse and/or neglect is suspected; and b)the consistency with which DFPS applies its policies at each stage of the investigation process and whether policies are in full accord with state and federal child welfare laws. (This item will be covered in a separate report.) COMMUNITY-BASED CARE AND THE FAMILY FIRST PRESERVATION SERVICES ACT The Committee will review t

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