Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services: 1115 Waiver

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Among other business, the Committee met to discuss the following interim charge. Examine the current status and future direction of the following programs: The Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program Section 1115 Demonstration Waiver, including the DSRIP Transition Plan, and the Healthy Texas Women Section 1115 Demonstration Waiver. Panel 1: Emily Blanford, National Conference of State Legislatures; Barbara Eyman, Eyman and Associates; Matt Salo, National Association of Medicaid Directors Ms. Blanford provided a high-level overview of 1115 waivers. The waivers are meant for demonstration projects and programs that may not fit under traditional Medicaid authorities. They allow states to waive certain federal requirements in order to design a program that meets their unique needs. 1115 waivers can take more time to implement than other, more traditional options, in part because is no timeframe at the federal level for negotiating these waivers. Currently, t

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