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HHSC: Perinatal Advisory Council

Perinatal Advisory Council develops and recommends criteria for designating levels of neonatal and maternal care. The Perinatal Advisory Council, created by House Bill 15 of the 83rd Texas Legislature (Regular Session),…
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Task Force of Border Health Officials

The general duties of the Task Force of Border Health Officials include making recommendations to the commissioner for short-term and long-term border health improvement plans. The short-term plan shall identify…
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House Committee on Human Services: HB 4178

The House Human Services Committee met to consider numerous bills; this report focuses on HB 4178. Summary and analysis follow. HB4178 By Frank, relating to the operation and administration of…
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Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

The Committee met on March 26 to consider the following: SB 1233 Kolkhorst, Relating to controlled substance prescriptions under the Texas Controlled Substances Act; authorizing a fee. SB 1564 West,…
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Legislative Budget Board Meeting: Financial Condition of the State

  • Call to order. The meeting was called to order by the Lt. Governor.
  • Approve minutes from July 11, 2018 Legislative Budget Board meeting. The minutes were approved.
  • Review the items of information and methodology required to set the Article VIII constitutional limit on certain appropriations for the 2020-21 biennium.
Staff Presentation. The level of appropriation from state tax revenue not dedicated by the Constitution for 2018-19 has been calculated to be $91.5 billion.
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