Texas Insight Podcast Episode 1: Texas Medicaid with Billy Millwee

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Today’s episode is a conversation between Texas Insight Founder Eric Wright and Billy Millwee, Medicaid expert with Millwee & Associates Consulting. Our topics are 1) Texas’ Medicaid response to COVID-19 and 2) the recent news about the cancellation by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission of its Medicaid Managed Care procurement.

In this episode, we tackle the following:

  • How state Medicaid programs are responding in general to COVID-19, and what is in the works for Texas,
  • Actions taken by the Federal Government to benefit State Medicaid programs,
  • Long-term impacts to Medicaid programs as a result of COVID-19,
  • The cancellation of  STAR+PLUS contracts awarded in November 2019, and
  • Changes at HHSC, such as the recent departure of Executive Commissioner Phillips and the announced retirement of the Medicaid Director Stephanie Muth.

Please click directly on the image or on the play button to listen.

Please contact us at info@txinsight.com if you have any questions, or would like a transcript of this discussion.